Underground Fitness delivers the most effective high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.)in a group environment. Our programming will increase strength, endurance, mobility and overall well-being.

We empower our clients to achieve their health and fitness goals through efficient movement with an emphasis on proper exercise technique. 



  • Rogue Dog Sleds & Fat Boy Sleds

  • Woodway Curve Trainers

  • Dumbbells & Kettlebells

  • Concept2 Rowers & SkiErgs

  • Air Dyne Pros

  • D-balls & Dynamax Wall balls 

  • TRX and Jungle Gym Suspension Trainers

  • Battle Ropes & Short Climbing Ropes

  • Sandbags

  • Foam & Wood Plyoboxes

  • Muay Thai & Tear Drop Water Boxing Bags

  • Resistance Bands

  • Bosu Balls

  • Showers